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How to Hang Curtain Rods Without Drilling

Hanging curtains without drilling into walls preserves the integrity of your living space while still allowing you to customize your windows. Whether you’re a renter, looking to avoid damage to your walls, or simply seeking an easy installation method, this guide offers multiple solutions to hang curtains without drilling.

Command Hooks: The Convenient Solution

Preparation and Installation

1. Choosing the Right Hooks: Opt for large Command hooks designed to hold the weight of your curtain rod and curtains. Make sure they fit the rod’s diameter. Command Hooks

2. Wall Preparation: Clean the wall area where the hooks will be placed to ensure the adhesive bonds well.

3. Installation: Follow the product instructions carefully. Apply the adhesive strip to the hook and press it against the wall for the specified amount of time. Wait for the adhesive to cure before hanging the curtains.


– No damage to walls

– Easy to apply and remove

– Suitable for lightweight curtains


– Weight limitations

– Not suitable for textured walls or wallpaper

Tension Rods: Ideal for Narrow Windows

Using Tension Rods

Select a tension rod that fits the width of your window frame. These rods can be adjusted to fit snugly inside the frame without hardware.Tension Rods for hang curtains


– Quick and easy installation

– Adjustable to fit different window sizes


– Not suited for heavy drapes

– Can lose tension over time

Magnetic Curtain Rods: Perfect for Metal Frames

Installation Process

Magnetic rods adhere directly to metal surfaces, making them an excellent choice for metal window frames or doors. Attach the rod to the metal surface and adjust as needed.


– Easy to install and adjust

– No drilling or adhesive is required


– Only works on metal surfaces

– Limited weight support

Adhesive Hooks: Versatile and Strong

Setting Up

Clean the area, apply the adhesive to the hook, and press it against the wall. Ensure it’s secure before hanging your curtains.Adhesive Hooks


– Strong and reliable adhesion

– Easy to install and remove without residue


– Must wait for the adhesive to set

– Not suitable for weighty curtains

Tap-In Curtain Rod Brackets: A Drill-Free Option

Installation Tips

Place the bracket against the wall or window frame and tap gently with a hammer until secure. These brackets offer a more traditional look without the need for drilling.Tap-In Curtain Rod Brackets


– Easy to install with minimal tools

– Leaves no visible marks or damage


– Not as widely available as other options


By exploring these innovative methods, you can hang curtains without drilling, offering flexibility and convenience. Whether you opt for Command hooks, tension rods, magnetic curtain rods, adhesive hooks, or tap-in brackets, you’ll find a solution that suits your needs and keeps your walls intact.

Additional Tips for Success

Double-check weight limits: Always ensure the chosen method can handle the combined weight of your curtain rod and curtains.
Measure twice, hang once: Accurately measure the window frame to ensure a proper fit, especially for tension rods.
Leveling is key: Use a level to ensure your curtain rod hangs straight for a polished look.
Consider curtain liners: Adding a liner to your curtains can help insulate your home and protect your curtains from fading.

By following these tips and exploring the methods outlined above, you can successfully hang your curtains without drilling and add a touch of style to your windows.