If you’re looking for antibacterial, cubicle, and privacy-equipped curtains made to suit the hospital environment, then Qatar fix got you covered. Here is Qatar fix; you’ll get a flexible set of medical curtains that are suitable for any hospital environment.

In a place like a hospital, the environment should always contain antibacterial and non-infection- type equipment. Having curtains that can breed any type of germs or infection is harmful to the patients. Hence, medical curtains are the way to go.

Our range is specifically designed to prevent bacteria and the spreading of viruses. It’s also super hygiene checked as these aspects are one of the top priorities.

These medical curtains are made up of fine quality fabrics that allow them to prevent attracting germs or outer organisms. Here you will find the greater quality medical curtains as it already suits all the hospital requirements.


  • Hygienic conditions maintenance
  • Prevents germs and bacteria
  • Flexible around the hospital environment
  • Suitable for all types of patients
  • Maintains privacy

Why did you prefer us?

Along with maintaining all the hygiene rules, our medical curtains are well designed also to provide an aesthetically pleasing look. Qatar fix emphasizes the hospital rules and provides you with a curtain that you can set tension-free in any hospital environment.

Moreover, whilst preventing germs and bacteria, our curtains are strong and durable with a long-lasting effect.


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