Net & Voile Curtains

Net & voile curtains are wonderfully volatile and a great practical addition to any living space. With advanced production and sheer details, these curtains enhance the beauty of the room it’s installed in.

The fabrics used in making these curtains are top quality here in Qatar Fix. They’re made with a thin translucent material that allows sunlight through the curtains while maintaining privacy. These curtains illuminate the room greatly and add a good amount of Ambience to it.

This type of curtain is commonly used for window dressing but can be used for other rooms as well. In addition to letting the sunlight in, the net and voile curtains prevent the furniture from sunburns. So, it’s safe and serves its purpose well.

Just as the name suggests, these curtains are usually laced, which is why it’s easier for the sunlight to penetrate through the curtains. It also has a combination of thick striped curtains. This aspect allows you to successfully block out the extra light at night, helping you have a sound sleep.

Features of Net & Voile curtains

  • Laced and lightweight
  • Sunburn protection
  • Tolerable amount of light.
  • Blocks out excess light
  • Enhances decor

Why Did You Prefer Us?

We ensure all the boxes are ticked off a consumer’s demand. Curtains in Qatar fix have multiple ranges and colors that are flexible for consumers to choose from.

Our net and voile curtains don’t only illuminate your room, but also enhance the beauty of your living room. Moreover, durability and high quality is always aspect Qatar fix maintains.


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