Light Filtering Curtains

Compared to darker curtains, Light filtering curtains allow the most amount of light into the room. This type of curtain is usually lightweight and has a thinner volume than most curtains.

Made with loosely woven fabric, these curtains are made to be lightweight and help your room ignite with light. Without the need for lamps or light bulbs even, these curtains can provide you with a soothing warm light– setting warm tones into the room.

With good natural lighting, you can install light filtering curtains anywhere and enjoy a slight level of privacy. Light filtered curtains are ideal for Windows, living rooms, offices, bedroom or nursery, dining rooms, and so on.

Apart from that, enthusiastic business owners who fancy the beauty of sunlight will enjoy setting these curtains in restaurants or their villas.

Here in Qatar Fix, we provide you with lighting curtains that help in setting a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. Our curtains are suitable for all kinds of places that welcome light and suit your taste.

Features of Light Filtering Curtains

  • Lightweight
  • Allows breeze or air in
  • Easy installation
  • Reduction of electrical light devices
  • Complementary drapes for increased light

Why Did You Prefer Us?

Here in Qatar Fix, we understand the value of nature and its aspects. It’s not the nature that binds into these curtains, but also elegance that most of the consumers desire. We provide a wide range of curtains that are suitable for any place and welcome light just as desired.

While enhancing the outlook of the room, our curtains are made with refined quality fabric that plays greatly in the long run.


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Light Filtering Curtains